Neway named referred applicator for XGIT-FUEL following Stena Line project.

31 Jan 2024 News

Neway has become XGIT’s preferred applicator for the UK & Europe, following completion of blast and painting operations on five Stena Line ferries.

The project involved covering 23,600 square meters with a remotely controlled UHP water blasting system to remove existing anti-fouling paint from each vessel, including on all underwater areas and vertical sides.

For the fifth vessel, the Scotia, Neway applied a new product - XGIT-FUEL - a hard-foul release marine coating for ship hulls. XGIT-FUEL's low-friction surface uses hard-foul release amphiphilic technology that secures a hydrated layer, deterring the settlement and attachment of hard and soft species on the hull. The three-coat system means the ship needs less time in dry dock and can be back in the water faster.

It was the first application of graphite paint in the UK and since the successful completion of the work, Neway has now become XGIT’s referred applicator for the UK & Europe.

The work was followed by an application of Hempel’s Hempaguard X7, a high solid, advanced fouling defence coating based on ActiGuard®technology which utilises advanced hydrogel silicone and an efficient fouling preventing biocide. This boosts the antifouling barrier and prolongs the fouling-free period. The five-coat Hempaguard x7 was used on four of the vessels – the Superfast VII and VIII, Estrid and Hibernia.

Sean O'Brien, Managing Director of Neway said: “Over the last 20 years Neway has established a formidable reputation for our industrial and marine cleaning and painting services.

“This has included embracing new methods designed to increase effectiveness, which is why we’re now the trusted referred applicators for XGIT-FUEL across both the UK and Europe. This is a major vote of confidence in the work we undertake and the skill and dedication of our workforce.”