Hattrick of Stena Vessels for Neway.

3 May 2024

Since the start of 2024, Neway Industrial Services has completed painting and blasting works on three Stena Line Vessels – Stena Edda, Stena Embla and Stena Adventurer.

The programme of works has included a high pressure wash of the entire vessels to remove contaminants. This included the vessel’s bow thrust tunnels, fin recesses and sea chests.

The three ships were then fully repainted on their topside area which involved wave design features and a logo font change.

The Edda & Embla vessels' underwater area was converted from a conventional anti-foulding system to a silicone based Hempel’s x7 paint system. Over 22,000 litres of paint were used.

The Adventurer scope was a Hempel touch up on the silicone area on the bottom sides and Jotun applied to the flat bottom with anti-fouling full coat.